Sadly my faithful Canoscan LIDE 25 has conked. I thought it was just a driver issue with Lion on my mac mini, but it has now given up the ghost when plugged into my Snow leopard macbook too.
I'll give it one last bash using a PC, and then I'm afraid I'll have to give up today. I'll probably be able to pick up another scanner tomorrow, but maybe not.
Apologies for the delay



PKE valences right off the scale

Lazy lazy lazy, that's me.
I've been toying with a new ipad2 app from Autocad.. sketchbook ink.... for a summary of my views see the post on strangebiros
Basically I'm not that happy with it, however I thought I'd give it a bash for drawing some faces... and sketched out Gerald, and Florence. Whilst the original outlines are far from perfect, the ability to scribble and then export to dropbox meant I could sit upstairs in the sunshine with my iPad... before descending into the gloom to tart them up in Photoshop.

Anyway, because I spent so much time fiddling, I ran out of effort for the first two panels, and so they get stock backgrounds, and silhouettes...


I have an idea for a strip featuring Alan Turing, that I managed to work out in the time it took to have a shower, and unusually I then wrote it down (which took longer) so I may actually do it ...
Long weekend coming up, the perfect time for a summer special...



bit of bother getting this done.. my scanner has been playing up.. at least I blamed my scanner. In fact it seems to be another failing of OS X Lion. Luckily I have a 4 year old macbook hanging around, running Snow Leopard.. which takes the canon drivers, and scans fine.
I've a feeling I may be downgrading my mac mini OS sometime in the near future.

Anyway. I've changed the script a little from Adam's original, chiefly as the picture looked a little dull before I added some visual whizz bangs.


Interlude1, an man walks into a bar...

Adam (our Author) is busy doing some sort of coursework for his maths degree, which probably equates to watching a complete box set of some obscure US comedy series back to back, and eating donuts and bacon.
Anyway, the upshot is, we have a brief interlude before the story continues, so I thought we'd eavesdrop on how Prof Glaskopf is getting on with Fuller's brain.
Swimmingly, is the answer.
They are both not fond of the French... and can regale themselves with jokes all day...

If this doesn't make any sense to you, then you may need to flip back to here:


I've been the wild Rover 

I was just about to start a brief interlude, whilst Adam got to grips with the next part of the story, but he managed to get something into the googledoc in time.
The interlude I had planned was a "meanwhile" type page.. with the 2 brained behemoth reading a newspaper comic page whilst sitting on the loo, and laughing magically... Muhahahahaha... completely irrelevant, but it made me smile... I'll post the sketch when I get time.
Anyways... I stumbled over a goldmine of podcasts on comic creation,
I'm constantly surprised how I can find things like this that have been going on for years...
perfect stuff to listen to whilst inking up the page.


talking, talking, talking

New sketchpad, has really good surface for sketching, and takes the pigment liner well, BuuuuuT I feel bad about going back to the standard above waist, view... I am going to try and switch it up a bit for the next few weeks.


A doctor of what exactly?

Introducing Mr Alan Turing, codebreaker, polymath, and monster fighter, there's just so many untold tales...
If you read the transcript you'll see this page is somewhat different to the picture... but there you go.


Introducing Mr Alan Turing

Just seen a bbc news article posted on twitter by @properjob. GCHQ have released some of Turing's papers on cryptography...
To quote:
The papers, one entitled The Applications of Probability to Crypt, and the other entitled Paper on the Statistics of Repetitions, discuss mathematical approaches to code

So very timely

Hot Lead

I struggled with the script for this page.. "Hot Lead..." I ask you
All drawn in the sketchbook, with usual setup, mechanical pencil, pigment inks, blah di blah.
I picked up some books at the library on photoshop in the hope of finding some useful tips and tricks.. I think there's something in there about"multiply" layers, and such, but not sure whether it''l be ifs use to me. I'm happy with the results I have.
I have a day off tomorrow, so may try and get next weeks page in a buffer.
or not.


Sweep up

This is the second version of this page...
I had made a couple of comments on the script Googledoc, but drawn the page early before Adam had a chance to make revisions. That'l teach me.
My plans of getting things done in advance, and getting a buffer have fallen apart, although I may have a bit of time this week, unfortunately I still have two reports to write for my Course.

Anyway, the pic of Gerald lighting his pipe is based on a picture of Stalin lighting a pipe.