cold iron

Last day of holidays. I've been working on the book I'm going to stick in the ibooks store, doing various bits of housework, at home and at my Mum's, and studying Java hard.
Didn't manage to get a buffer drawn for the wychwolf story, in fact I missed last week as I was driving to York.

Still, there's time, I'm trying new tools and techniques, I did much of the outlining this week with a Uniball, and I've ordered a couple of the pens Ryan Estrada talked about on this weeks "Comics are Great" podcast . The Stylo Refill MLJ20

Will report back on how these work out.



Whoohoo, I'm on holiday... a staying at home, and fixing up the house, sort of holiday.
So far I'e changed a loo seat, fixed the "float operated valve", or ballcock, pressure washed the grime behind the back door, and pulled up about 200kg of weeds from the allotment.
I aim to do a morning shift of work, and an afternoon of drawing, so if I had story to draw, I might even get a little buffer built up... or not.

I've also started working through the "Drawing on the Right hand side of your brain" book with Dom.
Whilst the scientific underpinnings may not bear close inspection, the exercises work well, and work feel. I'm sure I have a couple of sketches from the last time I went through it.. perhaps 20 years ago?


Interlude 2

The script calls for a corpulent Greed Demon, but strangely the only reference I can find for a Demon of Greed is a Medieval Manuscript etching that looks more like a rangy bird...The demon of greed and the treasure-hunting fool. From Sebastian Brant's Navis Stultifera, printed by Bergman de Olpe, Basle, 1494.
I have a lot of work to get done this week, and then have a couple of weeks of leave... I'd like to think I'll get some pages into a buffer, but that means they need to be written (cough) and also that I get round to doing them. Currently the plan is to spend most of my holiday repairing window frames, painting and fixing toilets. What a holiday :)



Copy, Paste,
Copy, Paste
Copy, Paste.

Next week, someone's gonna be punching something, even if it's not in the script.

// Gerald turns to face Eric, and punches him square in the face, Eric unleashes a stream of //ionised energy from his backpack, Brian gets over excited and eats Alan Turing...


in death as in life

We went down to Brighton to visit Adam on Saturday, and took a trip to the Saltdean beach. The cliffs there have been reinforced with the sort of concrete you find on Castle Wolfenstein level designs... what with picnics in the Wolfenstein sunshine and all I am running quite late, only finishing this at 8pm Sunday.


the bank that likes to say yes

Been working hard in my job job this week, which means I'm a bit tiredy today.
However I have managed to get Monday's page up, and colour a few pages of the iBook I'm working on, and start populating a gallery of pictures over at

Not much else to say, except of course, Happy Birthday to Alan Turing for yesterday.


clumsy oaf

I didn't think I'd get this page done, as I'm off to York on Sunday, and then up to Edinburgh early on Monday... however I've not done much all day, so I managed to sneak in a hour of scribbling.
I got some comic books out of the library today, so I can have a look at the composition of the pages, I'm noticing how lazy I'm becoming, with very simple framing, etc... I want to try a few more interesting things.
Adam has written next weeks page, so I can spend a bit of time thinking of how it might work.
That said, odds are I'll end up doing the same again.



As you know we in the Wychwolf offices are fans of Bletchley Park, Turing, and early computing, so it's good to see that FOTE are joining in the work to support the National Museum of Computing plans to rebuild Collosus.

It may be that Tommy Flowers will be making an appearance in Wychwolf in the near future.


will your anchor hold?

couldn't get the detail into last week's picture.
So this is what the final frame should have looked like... sorta..


Fastened to the rock

Well, I managed to struggle through taking photos of sketches and bodging stuff all together in PS. I have ordered new scanner, and have plans to turn the old one into a lightbox.
Not sure how visible the ghosts are in the last panel, but there you go.
Thought I'd pick out the line about being fastened to a rock for the title, what with this weekend being the release of prometheus and all...
Not enough detail on the ghosts, means we need an extra page to show the detail...