Welcome to the House of Fun

I'm surprised I managed to get Monday's page done today. I meant to prep it during the week, as I knew I'd be busy with 24HCD on Saturday, but it didn't happen.
So this week you get 25 pages of Wychwolf stuff.
The 24HCD story is wrapped up as a .pdf and linked in the blog post below.
I'll probably make a cleaned up version at some point, as you have to let some things slip when rushing out 24 pages in 24 hours.
The star of the show for those interested in Arty stuff was the Micron 0.8 pigment liner. I had a slight hiccup with it where it seemed to lift when erasing, but a switch to copier paper seemed to do the trick.
That's me done for a week.
Hope tou enjoy the 24HCD thing.



#24HCD 2012 -Wychwolf-The Last Dragon

I managed to rattle off a Wychwolf tale for the 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. The task is surprisingly tough, with time being eaten up by all manner of nonsense, changing brushes, picking the wrong brush, undoing and picking the right brush seemed to be a particular favourite of mine. I must refine my brush palette.
Anyway, job done. The Comic is available in .pdf here:
I'll probably tweak some of the rough edges at some point and post a more polished version.
24HCD 2012- The Last Dragon- page14 -

out of the frying pan...

Uh oh, interlude is over, and we are back in train, except that next Saturday is 24HR comic day and that means I'm going to be pretty strung out.
Last year I succeeded in creating an A-Z comic in the 24 Hours, though it was probably more like a Children's book, than a true comic.
This year I hope to do a Wychwolf related story, though obviously its against the spirit of the challenge anything beforehand. However I do like the idea of doing something simple, like some of the self contained Hellboy comics that offer little explanation or preamble, and usually end up with some big punchy fight.
Guess you'll have to wait till next week to find out.
In theory if I do 24Hrs from Saturday morning through to Sunday morning, I should have something I can post to the Wychwolf site on Monday (I usually use for the 24HCD challenge)


Back to the future

Full of germs today, spent a lot of time sneezing and feeling sorry for myself. Hoping that a good night of sleep will make me feel a little better.


alms for the poor

So, our interlude comes to a close...and with any luck Adam will have a bit more of the real story ready before next week.
One of the reasons for the interlude is that when we visited Wimborne last Summer we found so many different bits and bobs , the simply wouldn't fit into one story.
The Alms box for instance is hewn from a vast beam, and has a vast number of keys, there is an astronomical clock, and a chained library, and all manner of borrowed Egyptiana at the House.

On a different tack I've been working on the Dalek that has cluttered my office for the last 10 years... I'll be posting updates on : as I progress.

I'm also bracing myself for 24HCD which is towards the end of October... I'll post details about that on

On an arty front, I've been working in pen in the Sketch book, and aside from a couple of grumbles the latest iteration of Mountain Lion doesn't seem to be too bothered... although it wasn't sure it liked the scanner earlier today. I continue to consider purchase of a Wacom Cintiq, but wonder how long before tablet technology gets good enough for real work... the Cintiq feels quite old fashioned in some ways.

That's all for this week.



I am the keymaster

I'm trying hard to take a bit of pride in stuff I'm doing... I was struck by something in a recent "Developing Perspective" where David Smith, the presenter talked about enjoying work. Anyway. I hope to be doing a little less of the cut and paste, and a bit more of the drawing monsters which if what I enjoy doing.
This Interlude is nearly at an end, but there'll be another along soon as part of the #24HCD effort.



I couldn't get the colour right on this one... I tried the usual process, but it cut down on the intensity of the dodge and burn, and made stuff look a bit bland.
You might also notice slight changes to the site... wordpress had an update and as I'd recently backed up everything I thought I'd better at least get into the same major version. As always there are settings and methods of doing the setting that change... so I might fiddle a bit with Wordpress, and the comicpress theme.
I tried out a slightly different approach over at which is a FREE squarespace 6 site, they gave me to try out stuff. I like the idea of not having to run database updates, and backups, but I can't quite get it to work as I'd like...
let me know what you think


something that disagreed with him

Last week of holiday, nearly finished with this interlude... maybe a couple of three more pages.
October looms, and with it 24 Hour Comic Day, whilst it's against the spirit of the challenge to plan in advance, I do really want to use the opportunity to tell another Wychwolf interlude.
Adam indicated the other day that there's a problem in this genre of accidentally tripping over plot points from a number of already told stories... I know I've found numerous "Hellboy" plot components that I've only come across after I've told them. I guess in some ways it should make me think I'm on the right lines.



It's hot, too hot.
I sketched the page for today's strip in the garden before it started raining, which is why it's only a single panel ...



I put this page together using pixelmator2, it's £10.49, in the app store, and does almost everything I need. Minor niggles, like inability to see file size at different compression rates... and different mappings (CMD SHIFT Z) for redo - like PS, wheras I prefer a CMD Y...
Still, it seems reasonably ok.