Trying to catch up with Adam's novelisation, so I'm posting a second strip this week, and maybe even a third, so we can get into the story proper.

So here we introduce Eric Meek, scientist, and a giant killer robot...

Just out of interest, the test facility here, sort of exists. Out at Cardington, there are vast airships hangars, over 800 feet long, that really mess with your perspective. I went to college nearby, and was always stunned every time I passed them.

DINO-SAW-US, top sticker fun

For those planning to visit the Webcomix Thing event on Saturday, there's a little something extra...

Pick up a passport when you arrive, and collect a stamp or sticker from each artist involved to make your own exclusive souvenir.

You can see the list of those involved at the Dino-Saw-Us Blog here:
I'm in the middle of creating some suitable Dinosaur themed stickers, to go along with the theme this year.

The stickers will probably feature the Ninjasaurs, stealthy carnivorous predators...with swords! (and tiny tiny arms)

Ninjasaur buzzing a shuriken at a pesky pirate Ninjasaur

UK WebCOMIX Thing 2010

UK Webcomix thing 2010, 27th March London UK Webcomix thing 2010, 27th March London

5 days to go, to get everything in place for the UK WebComix Thing.

The site is up, the story has started, but we've nothing for the table (10) at the event, and my printer is up the conk, so even getting some stickers down is going to be tricky.

What exciting ideas can we come up with?

You'll have to tun up and find out.

The world below

And so we begin.

The first page that was actually drawn for the comic was page 4 or 5... the first three pages, act as a brief introduction to the characters, giving a hint at their roles.

The poor old tentacled creature is a staple of my doodles, tentacles have some bizarre fascination to me... but don't cry for him, he'll very definitely be back.

top trumps tentacle monster top trumps tentacled terror

Brain in a jar in an ice cave incident/ accident

If you've been involved in an accident at work, that wasn't your fault, get over it. This is the second page for the  UK Webcomix thing Compendium.

We'll be on table 10, come by, and say hello.


What has gone before

So I'm still testing out the functions of ComicPress, and checking how various things render.

This page was created for the "Dinosaur" themed compendium for the UK Webcomix things, on the 27th March.


This post is to test how the navigation buttons work when I have more than one post, and to see what happens to the Comic when to a non-comic Blog posting.

It's likely Adam may be posting his "Novelisation" of the Comic in posts alongside the Comic, as they aren't true transcripts, rather "based on real events"...

He is keeping a running tally of how many words he's written over a

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