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Time to wake up

A year is a fairly long time to be overrun by Zombies, but that's life.

I've finished by BSc so can now crack on with finishing this arc of the Wychwolf story. Work is turbulent, and there is a distinct possibility I'll have lots more time on my hands in the near future :(

Art wise- things haven't changed much. I've done very little proper work in the past year, though I've done some "Graphic facilitation" found some cracking new pens and paper, and have bought a Cintiq. Worth a quick look at to see the sort of stuff I've been doing.

Last weekend was 24HCD, but I was suffering from a weedy cold, so only managed 8 pages. However they were 8 "ok" pages, and it was a good warm up for getting back to Wychwolf... as I sort of had BPRD helping out BrightAngel with an aquatic squid peril.


More soon.

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